If you are labelling plants, vegetables or fruit in the garden, save your lolly sticks or chopsticks. They are the perfect size to indicate what you have growing in different areas!
- it encourages bees - it acts as a repellent against mosquitos - it is also a great plant to have indoors. Not only is the scent lovely and fresh but you can also use it in food or drink
Old drink bottles are a great way of feeding or watering your plants. Simply insert a number of small holes and place it in the ground next to a plant. Fill it up with water each day and it will make sure all the roots are being well watered and fed. This is especially important when growing vegetables.
A little secret to growing a sweeter tomatoes is to add a small amount of baking soda to your soil, as it takes away the acidity of the tomato. Make sure the baking soda doesn’t get onto the plant.
- Make a hole in a potato - Cut the stem of the rose and the bud - Push the stem into the hole of the potato but not all the way through - Fill a pot of soil and put the potato in about half way down with a good 3 inches of soil on top - Make sure to give it plenty of water and keep it moist - The potato keeps the stem moist and helps the roots to grow
Box tree caterpillars can cause severe defoliation to certain box plants - Find out where they come from, how to spot them and how to treat them
If you’re not sure where to place a plant in the garden, keep it in a plant pot and plant it as it is. That way, it is a lot easier to move if you aren’t happy with the position.
- cut a toilet roll in half - make four cuts into the toilet roll about 1/3 of the way up - fold the bottom of the roll where the cuts are so its enclosed - fill the pots up with light potting soil, pack it down and put your seeds in
Tea bags and ground coffee are a great source of compost 1. Keep all your used tea bags and old ground coffee in a box until you have enough. 2. Break all the tea bags up and mix them into the compost around your plants. 3. Egg shells are also very good for the plants.
Monthly tips to help maintain your garden through out the year
Check plants regularly to stop an infestation of pests The bugbear for most summer gardeners...